5 assurances of Licentie2GO Belgie

Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie is a specialist in the field of software. If not; the best when it comes to delivering software and supporting that delivery. Through our partnership with the software manufacturer (absolutely unique in our segment!) we offer legitimate software at competitive prices. In addition, we offer the very best support, a jealously guarded warranty and are available 7 days a week for questions, comments and suggestions. Want to know how that works? Read about the 5 certainties of Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie here.

Nr 1. software specialist

Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie is the number 1 software specialist. Not because we say so ourselves, but because our customers have chosen us as the best software shop. Not only on Trustpilot, But we are at the top of several review websites by default. We only ask for reviews from real customers, with over half a million customers, it's no problem for us to have our qualities told by our customers.

Only by providing the very best service can we be the best and remain the best. Every day, we work with a team of specialists on improving our website, keeping our offer sharp and improving our installation and activation guides. 

Not only on the independent comparison website Trustpilot we have been elected as the best in the category software: Customer experiences shared on other comparison websites show the same picture. 

Not good,  Money back

Can't activate the licence? No problem! We are happy to solve it! Please contact our software specialists to explain what is going on. Please use our Customer Service page.

Our unique licensing system allows you to test and exchange software if you don't like it. Our Money back guarantee is unique in the software world and applies to all orders where the trial version is active. Nobody uses this system, so it is unique to Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie.

Read the return conditions for more information or request an exchange directly via the return form.

Installation guarantee

Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie is only satisfied when you are 100% satisfied. We guarantee that the software can be successfully installed within the system requirements listed on our site. That is a guarantee that only Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie can give you.

With our 100% legitimate licences, our partnerships and our extensive knowledge and experience, we promise flawless delivery with activation guarantee.

With this installation guarantee, you can be sure that the software will be installed on your computer, tablet or smartphone in working order.  Is there still a technical problem? Do you have trouble activating the software correctly? Please feel free to contact our customer service. We are happy to give advice on what steps to follow to complete activation

Manual  customized

As the only one, Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie provides you with an activation manual which is fully compatible with the purchased product. This manual helps step by step downloading, installing and activating the software. 

The activation guide also helps with uninstalling old software, the intention of the trial version and successful installation on mobile and tablet. Still having trouble installing or getting an annoying error code? Thanks to the frequently asked questions that we also show in the activation manual, you can solve the situation fast and efficient. The manual also ensures that you can renew without loss of remaining subscription days.

A unique model; Nowhere else will you get as much additional material, instructions and free tools as from Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie.

100% legitimate software

At Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie we only supply official licences. No grey imports, no semi-legal or second-hand software and certainly no strange constructions such as telephone activation. Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie always delivers official software with a legal licence certificate which you may always register (or have checked) with the manufacturer. 

Due to our direct collaborations and partnerships, purchasing from Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie gives you the absolute guarantee that our software not only works today, but will continue to work in the future!

Because of our partnerships, the software can and may always be transferred to another computer. Useful when you buy a new computer or if the computer crashes. If you buy the software elsewhere, re-installation is often not possible.

Avoid annoying situations where the software suddenly blocks during use and buy legal software from Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie!

We guarantee that the software will continue to work for the duration of the licence period.

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