Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office Advanced 2022 + Microsoft 365 Personal | | 1 Device | 1 Year

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Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office Advanced 2022 + Microsoft 365 Personal

Backup everything you make!

Never lose files again. You make it with Microsoft 365 Personal and you ensure secure backups with Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office Advanced 2022.

Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office Advanced 2022

If you're going to do it, do it right!

You probably came to this page because you want to make backups or find out more about them. A backup of your entire computer, of specific folders and documents or of your mobile phone. In fact, everything that is important or dear to you. Backups are essential if you want to have peace of mind on your computer or protect files on your mobile phone.

Because only with proper backups can you be sure that, if things go wrong, you can get your files back. And things can go wrong in many ways. Your computer breaks down, theft, a virus, fire, ransomware... Just imagine. A reliable clean backup is then invaluable. A good backup program ensures that you no longer need to be afraid of losing all your files.

This reassuring program is called Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office 2022


Acronis True Image 2021 | Windows, Mac

Protect everything with the full image backup on Windows and Mac; the operating system, programs, settings, files and boot information. Backup to external drives, NAS devices, network shares and cloud with just two clicks. Backup phones and tablets: iPhone, iPad and Android devices. In addition, manage the nature of your backups. You can select individual folders and files and create a specific replica.

The very best backup and security software for all your files

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The unique features of Acronis True Image further explained;

  • Full image backup: Make an exact replica of an entire disk or a selected partition to quickly recover or enable migration to another computer. Because a backup never fits on 1 DVD, you can even store it on 10 different DVDs.
  • File and Folder backup: Backup, instead of a full image backup, only selected files and folders for the times when you don't want to backup everything.
  • Powerful recovery options: Recover everything. Retrieve a file or a folder. View backup hierarchies and files securely anywhere via a web browser.

The advantages of Licence2GO;

  • 100% legitimate software including installation and activation guarantee
  • No direct debit or small print
  • 7 days per week reachable by phone, chat or mail
  • Full Tailor-made manuals, which will help you step by step.
  • Free for Licence2GO customers: Online privacy and security scanner!

This package is a subscription for 1 year and is suitable for 1 device. To make full backups and restore your system, just a few clicks away from a full disk image backup and you choose whether you want to store the data locally or in the cloud.

New and improved features at Acronis True Image 2021

For Mac

Extended backups for Mac:

Macs are great devices and their users are loyal to their device, but it's still a device that loses data like any other. So don't worry any more! Acronis True Image 2021 now makes backing up your data even easier and privacy and security are even more guaranteed by Apple's Time Machine.

Active disk cloning:

Even when you are using your Mac system, it is possible to create an exact replica without having to stop or restart your system.

Power Nap backups:

Select the data you want to back up when your machine goes into Power Nap mode. All this data will be updated during Power Nap, but it will also be included in the backups.

For Windows

Enhanced anti-ransomware:

Prevent ransomware from encrypting your files, infecting your network or paralysing your system with Acronis Active Protection, our artificial intelligence and machine learning based technology that detects and stops ransomware and automatically stops its effects.

Cryptomining Blocker:

Detect and stop the kind of cryptomining malware that online criminals can use to infect PCs to hijack system resources to detect crypto-currencies and expose your machine to additional cyber threats. Stop real-time cryptojacking and preserve your system integrity.

Our top 3 new features:

  1. Office 365 Backup:
    Make direct cloud-to-cloud backups of your Office 365 account, including the emails and attachments from your mailbox and all files and folders in your OneDrive.
  2. .
  3. Incremental and differential backups:
    Update backups up to three times faster with our Change-Block Tracker technology that tracks changes in an image in real-time.
  4. Non-stop backups:
    Stay working, gaming or surfing: the performance of your computer is not affected because backups are performed in the background. Back up locally or in the cloud as often as you like and record changes every 5 minutes.

Microsoft 365 Personal. 1User, 1 year, buy license.

Welcome to the new Microsoft 365 Personal, combining the latest versions of your trusted Office applications with additional features such as additional OneDrive storage and Skype call minutes. Sign in to your personal Microsoft 365 account to access updated applications, documents and custom settings. This is an ideal solution for individuals who want to use all Microsoft 365 programs as well as OneDrive and Skype. With the annual subscription, you always have the latest, fully installed versions of:

  1. Microsoft Word
  2. Microsoft Excel
  3. Microsoft Powerpoint
  4. Microsoft Outlook
  5. Microsoft Publisher (Windows only)
  6. Microsoft Access (Windows only)

Have a Chromebook? Then you can't install any apps. On a Chromebook you can use Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, OneDrive and Teams through your Microsoft account at The programs are all available there. This has the advantage that you can use these programs from any Chromebook and you always have access to your data.

Don't want a subscription?

Buy Office 2019.
Look here at the differences between all office versions.

As well as the above software you get 1000GB of storage space on OneDrive for storing and sharing files and there are 60 Skype call minutes per month to call for free!

Also valid as a renewal of your current Office 365 subscription, while retaining your remaining subscription days

Personalized experience

Your applications, custom settings and documents are accessible wherever you need them. On your PC or Mac, but also on the go on your mobile devices with Office mobile apps: Easily access and edit your documents with mobile Office apps for iPhones and Android and Windows phones. Your documents, custom settings and documents are accessible wherever you need them.

Easy annual subscription

Including continuous access to version upgrades, installations on multiple devices and access to multiple languages. This license can be used for 1 year. The subscription ends automatically without you having to cancel it. So you are not tied to anything and you certainly do not have a compulsory renewal. We will send you a non-binding renewal offer, but you are free to renew your subscription elsewhere in one year.


1000GB of OneDrive storage - Store your documents online in your OneDrive so you can easily access and share them anywhere. Skype world minutes - discover new ways to stay in touch with 60 minutes of Skype calls every month to phones in 60+ countries.

The advantages of ordering from Licentie2GO Belgie

At Licentie2GO Belgie, the customer's interests come first! We don't mind providing extra service for you as a customer, Licentie2GO Belgie offers the following:

  • Installation guarantee. Are you experiencing problems with the installation or activation of your product? Don't worry! Our helpdesk will help you solve the problem, with our installation guarantee we promise that you will get a fully functioning product on your computer!
  • No automatic renewal or small print. Unlike most providers (including Microsoft) automatic renewal does not exist with us, so you will never be charged any extra costs for your renewal! In due course you will receive an offer from us to renew your product, so you are not tied to anything.
  • 100% original product at a more competitive price. Licence2GO offers you a very competitive price (many times sharper than the Microsoft Store) and you are guaranteed to receive an original Microsoft product!
  • Get started immediately! You don't have to wait, immediately after ordering your product will be available digitally via our website! With simple instructions you can install and activate the product on your devices.

Microsoft Office 365 Personal - always buy legal software

Always buy legitimate software. Don't accept offers that seem too good to be true. Licence2GO is a Microsoft Silver partner and is mentioned as a partner on the Microsoft website. Click on the logo below to check that Microsoft acknowledges our knowledge and skills and knows that we are providing original legitimate Microsoft software.

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MSRP: € 119.79
  • Subscription: 1 year
  • Suitable for 1 installation
  • Includes 250GB Cloud storage
  • Language selection: ENG, NL, GER, FR
  • Valid for both a first installation and a renewal
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Buy Acronis at Licentie2GO Belgie
  • The fastest backup in the world. For PC, Mac and Mobile
  • Short recovery time: Recover your data in minutes
  • Simple settings for consumers and small businesses
  • Full image back-ups, Incrementele back-ups, exactly as you want it
  • Includes version history, disk and partition backups and 50+ more features
  • Licentie2GO Belgie is Acronis partner for consumers but also for business use