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Photos & Movies; you simply make them more beautiful!

Adobe Photoshop Elements + Premiere Elements 2021: The perfect combination for photo and movie editing. With this you can transform photos and films into beautiful works of art. Are you looking for the ability to edit photos and videos but should it not be too complicated? Then this super duo is just the thing for you.

Norton's security in addition?

TIP: Licentie2GO Belgie has built a highly secure Adobe Elements 2021 environment in collaboration with Norton. Combine Photoshop + Premiere Elements 2021 with Norton Security and secure all your documents (also on your mobile, laptop, PC and tablets). Claim your Norton by purchasing Adobe with Norton.

Together you are strong!

Adobe Photoshop Elements + Premiere Elements 2021 can do a lot together. They help you transform photos into beautiful collages or creative works of art that deserve a place on your wall. Combine the videos you have shot into a professional film that will amaze yourself and everyone else with the beautiful quality. Nice for later! Also share your creative creations via Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube or Twitter.

Adobe Photoshop Elements + Premiere Elements 2021 can be used to display your photos and videos just as your unforgettable memories. Your photos and videos are your recordings of special moments and important events. With the video editing of Adobe Photoshop Elements + Premiere Elements 2021 you can make your photos and videos even more beautiful and share them via, for example, a beautiful presentation. Get more out of your photos and videos with Adobe Photoshop Elements + Premiere Elements 2021!

Adobe Photoshop Elements + Premiere Elements 2021 are intended for 1 user who may install the product on 2 Windows devices. This user may use the package on 1 device at the same time. Photoshop Elements + Premiere Elements only work in combination with 64-bit Windows systems.

Licentie2GO Belgie = Adobe Partner (the advantages)

Licentie2GO Belgie is an Adobe Retail Partner: We are not just a partner of Adobe because it provides a nice logo or an extra mention. No, we do this for our customers.

By working directly with Adobe you buy guaranteed legitimate software, you get support from 2GO and Adobe and you can install on not 1, but 2 computers. Reinstallation / transfer to another computer is always allowed.

By purchasing at Licentie2GO Belgie you are guaranteed of 100% legitimate software including a installation promise, a step-by-step manual which will assist you with downloading, installing and activating the software and a team of specialists who are happy to help with any issues that arise!

Adobe Photoshop Elements + Premiere Elements 2021 - The latest functionalities

Add motion to your static images

With one click, transform your favorite shots into moving photos - fun animated GIFs with 2D and 3D camera motion. It’s easy and perfect for sharing on social media.

Fine-tune face tilt

Make sure everyone in your photo is looking in the right direction by automatically adjusting the position of a person’s face. It’s great for selfies!

Inspire with Quote Graphics

Make shareable creations - great for social media - by adding motivational quotes or personalized messages to your pics with pre-set templates, tons of customization, and cool animation options.

Guided Edits mean more creative possibilities

From basic adjustments to artistic creations, you’re covered with 83 Guided Edits. Achieve the look you want without any guesswork. Just follow the steps and learn as you go.

Create modern duotones

Apply cool, custom duotone effects to your photos for a beautiful two-color creation. Choose from custom preset social sizes, add a gradient, and more!

Perfect your landscapes

Easily replace skies, remove haze, and erase unwanted objects to create epic outdoor scenes. You’re sure to create the perfect adventure photo every time.

Move, scale, and duplicate objects

With step-by-step help, it’s easier than ever to select an object and change its position, size, and more—meaning you can make your photo look exactly how you want.

Create cool double exposure videos

Make a little movie magic with double exposures. Just follow the simple steps to play a video within a photo and get the best of both worlds.

Add animated matte overlays

Get artistic by revealing your video with animated matte overlays. Apply different shapes and animation styles to full videos, select scenes, or as transitions.

Make precise video selections

Select a specific object - or area - of your video and easily apply an effect that tracks throughout the video.

See video effects in real time

See high-quality playback of many awesome effects without rendering first - and crop your videos faster - thanks to GPU-accelerated performance.

Try out new music tracks

The perfect video needs the perfect soundtrack. Create just the feel you want with brand new music tracks, ready to rock.

Automatically back up your catalog structure

Cataloging - albums, keyword tags, people, places, events, and more - is key to photo and video library organization. Now, all of this information is automatically backed up for easy recovery.

    Get started right away with essential photo and video editing tools!

    Start editing your photos and videos right away, make it fantastic. Adobe Photoshop Elements + Premiere Elements 2021 will create automatic creations for you which you can use as a starting point. These automatic creations will be, for example, photo and video collages or presentations. The new home screen makes it easy to get started editing your photos and videos! See what's new at a glance and get started right away with the latest Photoshop Elements + Premiere Elements functionality. Use the new functionalities to turn your inspiration into a beautiful end result using the Adobe manual that you will also find on your home screen. Adobe Photoshop Elements + Premiere Elements gives you many options with instructions to edit your photos and videos. When you're done editing your photos and videos, you can easily share these memories. For example, in the form of unique and beautiful video or photo collages to hilarious memes.

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    • Automatische creaties Met de automatische creaties van Adobe kunt u gemakkelijk uw foto's delen
    • Gegarandeerd legitieme software. Licentie2GO Belgie is partner van Adobe en garandeert legitieme, werkende software. We leveren altijd inclusief installatie-garantie.
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    Follow your creative inspiration wherever it leads.

    With Adobe Sensei AI technology* as your creative sidekick, add motion to your static images, fine-tune the position of a person’s face, select a specific object - or area - of your video and easily apply an effect, and improve grainy low-light footage.

    Plus, make inspirational animated Quote Graphics - great for social media.

    Discover 83 easy Guided Edits that help you create modern duotones, make cool photo and video double exposures, and reveal your videos with animated matte overlays to achieve the look you want without any guesswork.

    When you’re ready, show off your creations in print or online. Make fun GIFs for social media or share your videos on YouTube, Vimeo, and more.

    *Adobe Sensei is the technology that powers intelligent features across all Adobe products to dramatically improve the design and delivery of digital experiences, using artificial intelligence and machine learning in a common framework.

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      • Suitable for: Windows
      • Multilanguage
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