Bitdefender Total Security 2023 | 5 Devices | 1 Year | Windows - Mac - Android - iOS

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Bitdefender Total Security 5 Devices 1 Year

Bitdefender Total Security Multi-Device 2023 is downloadable on 5 devices for the duration of 1 year and is available in the following languages: English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Now including VPN!

Bitdefender VPN (up to 200Mb per day) keeps your data private, even when you connect to an unsecured wireless network in places like airports, shopping malls, cafes or hotels. This prevents nasty situations like personal data theft or attempts to make your device's IP address accessible to hackers. You also get access to protected content, regardless of country. Your data traffic is redirected via another server, making it practically impossible to identify your device. In short; Safe and anonymous surfing on the internet.

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2GO Software is the most valued partner of Bitdefender in The Netherlands and Belgium. The advantages of buying at 2GO Software are endless. Through 2GO Software we offer a money back guarantee during the Bitdefender trial period. 2GO Software purchases directly from Bitdefender. You get original, legitimate Bitdefender software. Additionally, during your subscription, you may transfer the package to another computer, share the package within your family, and endlessly scan and reinstall.

Bitdefender Total Security 2023 | Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

For Bitdefender Total Security Multi-Device 2023, your security and privacy is a priority. Bitdefender Total Security Multi-Device 2023 provides complete protection for Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS with unmatched malware detection. Your privacy is protected even more with the new WebCam protection and your files are kept safe with the multi-layered ransomware protection.

All your devices secured with one product!

Almost every household has a PC / laptop, a Mac, a tablet and several smartphones. Bitdefender Total Security 2023 is the perfect choice if you want to protect all these devices at the same time. Bitdefender offers advanced protection against even the most sophisticated malware, with features that protect your private life across multiple platforms. It uses the world's most advanced security technology, yet is simple and intuitive. This is also recognized in several International tests. This year, Bitdefender was tested as the best from the Dutch Consumers' Association and the German magazine ComputerBILD.

Explaining the unique features of Bitdefender Total Security;
  • Multi Device: Compatible with all household devices; Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.
  • Auto-update:Bitdefender will now make sure that you always have the latest and greatest protection.
  • Advanced Threat Defense:As soon as it detects suspicious activity, it immediately acts to prevent infections.
  • Best tested:The latest version of Bitdefender has been tested by the Dutch Consumers' Association and the German magazine ComputerBild as the best.

The advantages of 2GO Software;
  • 100% legitimate software including installation and activation guarantee
  • No automatic depreciation or fine print
  • 7 days a weekreachable via chat and email
  • Unique, fully customized manuals that will guide you step by step.
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Best security and performance with Bitdefender Total Security's unique features

Bitdefender Total Security Multi-Device 2023 is rated for 5 devices for the duration of 1 year and is available in the following languages: Dutch, English, French and German. Compared to Internet Security, Bitdefender Total Security Multi-Device is equipped with even more powerful protection and includes VPN.

New and improved features of Bitdefender Total Security 2023

Wi-Fi Security Advisor:

Whether you're on the Wi-Fi network at home or going online on the go, make sure you're always secure. Wi-Fi Security Advisor protects you from hackers, data snoops and malware by checking networks for security holes or other vulnerabilities, so you know you can always use your apps in complete safety. For example, your banking program or online shopping.

Advanced ransomware protection:

Ransomware is a type of malware that gains access to your computer, encrypting important documents so that you can no longer use them. This can cost you valuable files or even a sum of money and, in the worst case, both. By creating dedicated folders for your important and personal files, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus protects you from any ransomware attack and reports any malicious attempts.

Network Threat Prevention:

Bitdefender detects and prevents cyber attacks even before they happen.

Our top 3 new features:

  1. Bitdefender Multi Device:
    In addition to PC-only installation, you can now use Bitdefender Total Security on Mac, Smartphone and Tablet. See our specifications for details.
  2. Auto-update:
    Bitdefender now makes sure you always have the latest and greatest protection. No need to manually update anymore. It's automatic and completely free!
  3. Better security:
    Including: webcam protection, enhanced ransomware protection and safe-files (file protection)

Different functions for Windows further explained:

  • Advanced Threat Defense:
    Bitdefender uses behaviour-based detection, an advanced technology that closely monitors the behaviour of your active apps. As soon as suspicious activity is spotted, it takes immediate action to prevent infections.
  • Webcam protection:
    Protect your privacy and prevent webcams from leaking. Webcam protection notifies you when apps try to access your webcam, so you can block unauthorised access.
  • Safe Files:
    Bitdefender Secure Files allows you to prevent unauthorized changes to your most important files. Simply add folders to the watch list and Bitdefender will protect the files inside from ransomware and other types of malware. Only applications you explicitly trust can access your safe files.

Different features for Mac explained further:

  • Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac:
    Choosing Bitdefender Total Security package and installing it on Mac? Due to the already extensive protection that the Mac has, not all the features in Bitdefender Total Security are suitable for the Mac. View the product Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac to see all the features that are compatible with your Mac.
  • Protection Time Machine:
    If you use Time Machine to back up your files, you'll love this extra layer of security that protects you from sophisticated ransomware attacks. Ransomware, an extremely dangerous type of malware, encrypts precious files such as photos, videos and other documents, rendering them unusable. With Time Machine, Mac users can restore their files without paying a ransom. Protection Time Machine provides you with the barrier against malware that may try to encrypt or destroy your backups.

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MSRP: € 79.33
  • Subscription: 1 year
  • Suitable for 5 installations
  • Language selection: EN, NL, FR, DE, ES, IT
  • Suitable for: Windows, Mac, Android and iOS
  • Includes VPN; up to 200MB each day
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  • Belongs to the most effective security software
  • Elected best antivirus product multiple times
  • Renew without losing any remaining days
  • Customized installation manuals for installing your software yourself
  • No automatic renewal or small print
  • Belongs to the most effective security software
  • Elected best antivirus product multiple times
  • Renew without losing any remaining days
  • Customized installation manuals for installing your software yourself
  • No automatic renewal or small print