Testing & returning

Unique at Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie: Free trial & testing!

At Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie, we know our business. We know the packages we sell through and through. That is why we have managed to make software available for free, so that you can test the software you would like to purchase first*. This way, you can be sure that the software works flawlessly on your computer even before you activate the licence.  

That is dealing smarter with software! And it is precisely because of that kind of smart solutions that Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie is number 1! We advise you to ALWAYS use the trial version. First install the software, look at the package and see if everything works on your computer (or smartphone/tablet). Only when you're sure, you proceed to activation of the license.

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100% working software with the right instruction. THAT is what we stand for.

Stefan - Customer Service Manager

Returns: Money back within 2 weeks.

Returns are always free of charge. If you are not satisfied, you can make use of the possibility to request a return via My Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie. We will refund the purchase price to you in full. Within 2 weeks (but usually faster!) the money is back in your account. We promise!

There is no fine print, but we do have a few standard rules. You can read them here: All money-back requests are subject to our return conditions.

Exchange: Choose a replacement product.

Sometimes you find out that a product is not what you expected. But you DO want the problem solved. Because after a return request, you are still not protected against viruses or you still cannot work with the Adobe licence you wanted to use.

Unique to Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie is our digital exchange system. Via My Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie you can exchange your software licence yourself. In short: if you have doubts about a product, just buy one of the two and exchange it for free if you don't like it. You can do this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via My Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie. Without delay, fully automatically! 

Returns, exchanges and trials.
That is the customer-friendly approach of Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie.

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Guarantee on installation and activation.

Besides the legal warranty (based on NL-law for web shops) that you get from all the brands we sell, Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie also offers you an extra guarantee. This means that we will repair or replace products that do not work.

We offer installation guarantee on all private antivirus and internet security products. With our instruction we help with the procedure of installation and activation. In addition, our customer service is technically skilled and thus able to solve complex problems. See also: 5 assurances of Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie.

Guarantee: Support & duration.

What others cannot do, Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie can. We guarantee that the license will work as long as the subscription you bought is valid. In other words, if you buy a package for 2 years, we guarantee a 2-year licence. Due to the reliability of our purchasing channel, this is a matter of course for us. However, colleagues do not take it so seriously and sell grey or illegal software. We increasingly see that such licences are blocked, which means that you as a customer are duped. You then have to buy a new package during the term of the licence. With Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie, you have the guarantee that this is not the case. See also: 5 assurances of Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie.

Conditions for trial / test version software.

* For making a trial version of the software available, we are dependent on our cooperation with the manufacturer. Therefore, the trial version is not publicly available, but can be obtained from the My Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie account. The trial version is available for as many packages as possible, but is not a guarantee or security for your purchase. If the trial version is not  available via My Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie please contact our customer service to discuss the possibility of verifying the suitability of the software for your device.

That also means that you pay us first for the purchase. Then we make the trial version available. If you are not satisfied or the software does not work properly, we will simply refund or exchange it (see also: return conditions).