Are you buying a license to still have problems with it later? Or do you opt for official licenses from Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie?

Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie is Microsoft Silver Partner. But what does that mean for you as a customer? We would be happy to explain to you why it is important to do business with a Microsoft authorized vendor of your software. Because say it yourself, you do not buy an official license to get problems with it later?
The partnership that Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie has with Microsoft is unique.

It is only for the very best in their field. Of course, it is quite a bit to say that you are the very best. But when it comes to purchasing Microsoft products such as Microsoft 365 Family or the latest version of Windows, we are getting close. Very close.

Not all online stores have what we do have.

And that is: a very good relationship with Microsoft. Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie is one of the few official partners of Microsoft.

And you don't just become a valued partner of Microsoft. Not only does it require training, but the point is not to be disappointed as a customer. Microsoft places very strict demands on software suppliers. Before you can call yourself an Official Partner of Microsoft, you have to show as a company that you are 1: 200% reliable, 2: have the right professional knowledge and 3: optimally support every customer during purchase and installation. Without exceptions.

Now you may say “yes, but that is normal, isn't it? I expect those 3 things with every purchase, wherever I make them ”.
And you are right about that. 

And almost all webshops supply 1 of those 3 things, rarely all 3. Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie does. Because only then will you become the very best. And that has resulted in a partnership with Microsoft. We are proud of that.

And it gives you as a customer a lot of benefit. Because of this we can offer the following guarantees: Always, guaranteed legitimate software. Where other web shops stunt with shadowy licenses that are not reliable, with Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie you are always assured of a working license. We purchase those licenses directly from Microsoft. As an Official Partner of Microsoft we can do that.

Do you want to reinstall the software on another computer? This is no problem with the license and associated conditions that you have purchased from Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie. In fact; we are happy to help you with a custom written manual and friendly customer service who wants nothing more than to see you satisfied. The license you purchase from Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie comes directly from Microsoft. As a result, you will never have to deal with a license that is illegal and unexpectedly blocked. And the reality is; there are a lot of software suppliers that offer licenses that they are not allowed to sell. Ultimately you are the victim of that. Yes, it was cheap, but it suddenly becomes expensive. With Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie that will never happen to you, promised. We always help you!

And because we are an Official Microsoft Partner, we can also use the knowledge that professionals at Microsoft have. We always help you and because we are one of the few that has the support of Microsoft, there is no longer a question that we cannot answer. Because we know a lot but not everything. And what we don't know, Microsoft will solve for you.

The license you buy from Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie also includes the software you want to use. And of course you want to be able to install that software without any worries. The last thing you want is to find out after installation and installation that the installation file contains a virus and leave you with a computer full of misery.

This could happen with software suppliers who do not supply legitimate installations. With Licentie2GO Belgie Belgie this is impossible because the installation files you receive from us come directly from Microsoft. As a result, you are always assured of honest software without surprises.

Because: honesty is the best policy!

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