More information about Norton 360

Norton 360 is a unique product. Several times tested as the best and that is not without reason. There are a few important parts of Norton 360 that you want to use to have extra security compared to other antivirus packages.

The advantages of Norton 360:

  • You get rock-solid Norton protection for all the devices you use.
  • A password manager that lets you use a unique password on every site.
  • A VPN that lets you be safe and anonymous online.
  • Thanks to Norton 360.
  • Cloud storage to keep all your data safe.
  • Norton Virus Protection Promise included: If a virus does get on your device, the helpdesk will remove it for you or give you a full refund.
  • Norton Virus Protection Promise

2GO Software is Norton Platinum Reseller, the most valued partnership with Norton. You receive from us guaranteed 100% legitimate software that we buy directly from the manufacturer. This means you enjoy all the benefits of Norton, including the Norton Virus Protection Promise, as well as the unique advantages of buying software from 2GO Software, the number one software specialist.

Buy Norton 360?

If you want to buy Norton 360, first think about how many devices (computers, smartphones, and tablets) you want to protect. Also consider whether you want to use the secure cloud backup. If something does go wrong, you can easily get your data back from the Norton cloud.

Choose Standard with 10GB of cloud backup, Deluxe with 50GB of storage or Norton 360 Premium with 75GB of cloud storage. Norton VPN is included with all versions.

Norton has more to offer than just Norton 360. On this page, we've collected all products for you: All Norton products All licences are suitable for first installation as well as for renewal.