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Microsoft 365 Business Standard; the new way of collaborating.

With Microsoft 365 business standard, you can work with all Office applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. Make collaboration even easier with the included services of SharePoint, Teams and Exchange. In brief, you have all the Office applications available that you install on your PC or Mobile.

Microsoft 365 Business standard is a yearly subscription with space for 15 installations (5 PCs, 5 smartphones and 5 tablets). This license is suitable for companies with 1 to 300 employees. Need more than 300 licences? Then take a look at Microsoft 365 Enterprise.

Avoid problems, buy legitimate software!

2GO Software is Microsoft Silver Partner which gives you the guarantee that your software is legitimate. Always virus-free with all possibilities for re-installing, collaborating with colleagues and with the right of support from 2GO Software and from Microsoft Europe. Our technical specialists can provide advice where necessary to ensure the software functions optimally.

Teamwork: quick and easy.

Online meetings are realised with Teams, and with the same Teams you chat with your colleagues, send files and view your agenda. And with Microsoft Bookings, customers can easily schedule an appointment with you, which will automatically appear in your calendar.

Do not miss anything!

Don't miss an important message because you are on the road, with your smartphone you have everything within reach. E-mails, instant messages, shared files, with OneDrive Storage you can always access them with all your devices.

Buying Microsoft 365 Business Standard will give you much more than just Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It is the total solution for you if you want to get the most out of your work. Together with your colleagues and customers. With Exchange and Sharepoint included, your email, calendars and contacts are always synchronised between devices and your files are safe and available on any device. Always.

Ordering for the whole company? Then order 1 licence for each employee; we deliver the licences in the central administration portal for you.

Up to 20% discount on annual subscriptions!

For new customers, we offer a discount when you purchase an annual subscription. Depending on the type of licence, you will get up to 2 months free with an annual subscription. Discount is included in the price. After the first year we will provide you with a continuous licence. We will renew automatically. That way you can continue your business and we take care of your licence management.

Unique features of Microsoft 365 Business Standard

Switch completely to the cloud with Microsoft 365 Business Standard! The 365 Business Standard package entitles you to install the latest Office programs. In addition, it switches all your files, email and calendars to the cloud. Email is delivered to the Microsoft cloud and through Hosted Exchange, these mails, calendars, contacts and tasks are the same on all your devices. Microsoft 365 Business Standard always includes the latest versions of your familiar Office programs:

  1. Outlook
  2. Word
  3. Excel
  4. Powerpoint
  5. OneNote
  6. Publisher
  7. Access
  8. And includes hosted Exchange for syncing email, calendars, tasks and contacts.

Have a Chromebook? You will not be able to install any apps. On a Chromebook, you'll use Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, OneDrive and Teams through your Microsoft account at The programs are all at your disposal there. This has the advantage that you can use these programs from any Chromebook and you can always access your data.

Collaboration has never been easier

Store your files securely and share them with anyone, wherever you are. For example, you can collaborate on a file with a remote colleague.

The benefits for businesses of Microsoft 365 Business Standardat 2GO Software

Legitimate Retail License for Business Use

2GO Software delivers your license for business use. On the Internet there is a shadow trade in open licenses, but that type of license may not be used for business purposes. Such an open license may seem like an interesting deal, but beware! If you do use an open license in a business environment, then according to Microsoft you are using illegal software. Upgrading and downgrading within an open license is often impossible with providers. With this business product, 2GO Software assures you of a retail license intended for business use. We always deliver a legitimate, original and secure software.

1 License per user - 3x5 installations with Office 365 Business

Microsoft 365 Business Standard is a user license, not a per PC license. If you buy a new device, the license just goes with it. No need to buy again, you are always up-to-date and the license goes with your new device.

Every user equips ALL their devices with Office with one simple license. A user may use up to 5 PC's or laptops. On top of that 1 user can install on max. 5 smartphones AND 5 tablets. In short, each user has up to 15 installations at his disposal.

We provide all your company's licenses in 1 central portal to make management easy. You can assign the license to an employee and give a name to a license. If an employee leaves your company, you can transfer the license to the new colleague free of charge.

In short, every employee gets his own license. 2GO Software, in cooperation with Microsoft, provides easy management.

Up- and Downgrading without a strangling contract

A strangulation contract is not necessary these days. The minimum contract duration for business products is 1 year. Upgrading and downgrading is always possible. An additional employee can therefore be connected in no time.

Provide flex worker with an account for 2 months? No problem! After 2 months you simply cancel this temporary license within your package.

Optional: 2GO Software Business User-Management

2GO Software is your business ICT partner. With user account support, we help your employees get started. 2GO Software installs and activates the software on the computer(s) of your employee(s). Handing out a new laptop to your employee and a phone call to our service department is enough; we will make sure that the software is installed and that the employee can get to work! Create a new mailbox? We do it too! In short, you are completely carefree with 2GO Software user account support!

Now also together with these online services:

  • Easily store and share your files: With OneDrive for Business, each user gets 1000 GB of storage capacity in the OneDrive cloud. This allows you to easily share your files internally and externally. And the best part of this is, you decide who has access to certain files. Also because you can view, edit and share them together with colleagues at any time you always have the latest version of the file. This makes backups superfluous!
  • Office Online: Work from your browser and easily edit and create a Word, OneNote, PowerPoint or Excel document. All you need is a desktop browser. Office Online gives you access to your files anywhere, has the same familiar interface so you don't have to learn anything new, and you can effortlessly transition to the full desktop apps without leaving your document.
  • Professional digital storytelling: Effortlessly create web reports, presentations, newsletters or training courses. With the new Office 365 app Sway, you can do this from your tablet or browser. Not only do Sways look beautiful no matter what screen you're using, but they're also easy to share.

In addition to all these programs and features, all Microsoft 365 Business Standard subscriptions also offer:

  • Reliability: Do not worry anymore, you can rest assured that your services are guaranteed to be 99.9% available with an SLA with financial guarantee.
  • Security: Innovative security procedures with five layers of security and proactive monitoring help secure customer data.
  • Privacy: We secure all your information and protect your privacy.
  • Management: Manage Office 365 across your entire company. For this you do not need IT experts, you can easily add and remove users yourself.
  • Always Up-to-Date: Version upgrades are included in the package and therefore you do not have to pay for them.
  • Active Directory integration: Manage user credentials and permissions. Single sign-on and synchronization with Active Directory.

Please note (1/2): this package is suitable for up to 300 users! More users? Choose office 365 Enterprise.
Note (2/2: This package is delivered on an auto-renew basis. The license is automatically renewed. Cancellation is possible at any time via 2GO Software customer service.

Avoid problems, buy legitimate software!

2GO Software is Microsoft Silver Partner With this you have the guarantee that your software is legitimate. Always virus free with all possibilities for re-installing, sharing with family and friends and with the right to support at 2GO Software and via Microsoft.

As a customer you will benefit greatly from this! On this page we will explain it to you:
The benefits of our partnership with Microsoft.

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  • The latest version of Office without a one-time investment
  • Professional, business e-mail (exchange) in the cloud
  • Centralized management and license management for the entire company
  • 15 installations per user. (5x Desktop + 5x Smartphone + 5x Tablet)
  • Lightning fast delivery, tailor-made for your company
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  • Microsoft Silver Partner: 100% legitimate
  • Approved licences with support via Microsoft
  • Reinstallation / transfer of licence possible at any time
  • A step-by-step installation manual for your Microsoft software written by us for you
  • No grey imports or foreign licences
  • Extensive support from customer service in several main languages