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AVG TuneUp - To optimize and clean up all your devices

With AVG TuneUP 1 Device 1 Year you can speed up your PC, free up space on your hard disk, helps you prevent crashes in Windows and improve the performance of your Android device.

AVG TuneUp can be installed on 1 device and for the duration of1 year. The software is suitable for Windows and Android.

By purchasing at Licentie2GO Belgie you are guaranteed of 100% legitimate software including an installation promise, a step-by-step manual which will assist you with downloading, installing and activating the software and a team of specialists who are happy to help with any issues that arise!

Resurrect old machines

Why would you spend money on a new PC? With AVG PC TuneUp you can make your old PC work like new again. Improves the speed of older computers, cleaning up temporary files which have piled up for years, prevent programs from using too much capacity, solving problems and much more.

Keeps new PC working fast

With AVG PC TuneUp you're able to keep even the latest PC as fast as on the day you purchased it. Clean up unwanted files, perform automatic maintenance every 3 days, track bottlenecks in performance, and much more.

The unique features of AVG PC TuneUp

  • File Shredder: Data is safely removed to prevent files from being restored.
  • Browser Cleaner: Fixes problems with your browser, and gives back some disk space too
  • Startup Optimizer: Scans for programs slowing PC startup and shutdown.
  • Automatisch onderhoud: Routine maintenance is performed automatically.

The advantages of Licentie2GO Belgie

  • 100% legitimate software including installation- and activation warranty
  • No automatic renewals or small print
  • 7 days a week available per chat or mail
  • Fully customized manual which will assist you step by step.
  • Free for 2GOSoftware customers: Online privacy and security scanner!

Familiar, but also improved features of AVG PC TuneUp

For a fast, tidy and durable PC. Everything you need to keep your PC in top condition.

  • Duplicate Finder: Scans your drive for duplicates and advises you on which ones you can safely delete to free up space on your PC.
  • Disk Space Explorer: Helps you free disk space by finding large files.
  • Windows® 10 & 8.1 App cleaner: Cleans up hidden junk from the Windows Store® and Windows 10 & 8.1 apps.
  • Browser Cleaner: Fixes problems with your browser, and gives back some disk space too.
  • Turbo mode: Switches off unnecessary features to release more power.
  • Program Deactivator: Puts unused programs to sleeps to boost PC power and improve startup times.
  • Startup Optimizer: Scans for programs slowing PC startup and shutdown.
  • Uninstall Manager: Identifies and uninstalls unused programs.
  • Drive Defrag: Speeds up access to your hard drive.
  • Economy Mode: Significantly prolongs battery life by reducing the power consumption of the processor, switching off unnecessary backround processes and reducing the power consumed by internal and external devices.
  • Flight mode:Saves even more battery and complies with airline safety regulations by switching off WiFi® & Bluetooth® with a single click.
  • Registry Cleaner: De-clutters and cleans your registry for fewer system crashes.
  • Registry Defrag: Reorganizes your registry to eliminate database problems
  • Disk Doctor: Finds and fixes hard drive problems.
  • Shortcut Cleaner: De-clutters your desktop by deleting "dead" shortcuts.
  • Automatisch Software updater: Checks & updates all your essential programs.
  • Automatic Maintenance: Automatically performs routine maintenance.
  • Live optimization: Constantly prioritizes all processes to deliver optimum performance.
  • Automatische Cleaning Updates: Automatically updates for optimum cleaning
  • Automatic start-stop mode: Disables and reactivates programs for a single use
  • Update Wizard: Keeps AVG PC TuneUp up to date.
  • Optimzation status: Keeps you up to date on PC health.
  • Repair Wizard: Finds the fixes for you.
  • Process Manager: Offers a detailed overview of all running processes.
  • Registry Editor: Simple and foolproof registry editing.
  • Rescue Center: Everything you need to easily reverse changes you make.
  • System Control: Helps you adjust over 400 hidden Windows and program settings.
  • Performance report: Provides performance-boosting advice.
  • Program ratings: Community recommendations to help you make the best optimization decisions.
  • System info: Locates and cures bandwidth-hungry apps.
  • File Shredder: Securely deletes data to help prevent file snooping.
  • Undelete: Rescues accidentally deleted files.
  • Styler: Personalizes the look and feel of Windows.
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MSRP: € 34.84
  • Subscription: 1 year
  • Can be installed on up to 1 device
  • Language selection: English
  • Suitable for: Windows and Android
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