Microsoft 365 Family | 6 Users - 1 Year | Including Updates

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Do more with your time. Be active, creative and productive. Together.

Microsoft 365 Family is the subscription that will help you make the most of your time, make contacts, protect your loved ones, and develop and grow. Microsoft 365, an evolution of Office 365, builds on the foundation of Office and integrates new artificial intelligence, beautiful content and templates, and helpful services that enable you to better write, present, design, manage your finances and strengthen your bond with the people in your life.

Microsoft 365 Family - 6 Users 1 year

Collaboration is the keyword for the new Microsoft 365 Family package. Work together, communicate together, share and create together. Do it together. Microsoft 365 Family offers you new functionality that was previously not possible. The well-known programs Word, Excel and Powerpoint have now become even better, so that you reach your goal faster and more efficiently. Whether it is writing a report, creating a nice presentation or making your finances clear. Microsoft 365 Family helps you get the best out of you and your family. Better, faster, more beautiful and above all: more fun.

With Microsoft 365 Family you'll enjoy 1 year of using the latest version of all Office programs.

This license is suitable for 6 users. Each user may install the software package on 5 devices at the same time which makes a total of 30 installations.

Avoid problems, buy legitimate software!

Licentie2GO Belgie is Microsoft Silver Partner which guarantees that your software is genuine ans always virus free with all possibilities for reinstallation, sharing with family and friends and with the right to support with Licentie2GO Belgie and via Microsoft Netherlands.

As a customer you get this much benefit! We would like to explain this to you on this page:
The benefits of our partnership with Microsoft.

The Microsoft 365 Family version includes the following programs:

  1. Microsoft Word
  2. Microsoft Excel
  3. Microsoft Powerpoint
  4. Microsoft Outlook
  5. Microsoft OneNote
  6. Microsoft Publisher (Windows only)
  7. Microsoft Access (Windows only)
  8. Microsoft Teams (upcoming, not present today)
  9. Microsoft Family Safety (upcoming, not present today)

Licentie2GO Belgie is Microsoft-partner. You're guaranteed to receive legitimate software from us which we purchase directly from Microsoft.

Microsoft 365 Family (6 Computers / Macs)

Welcome to the new Microsoft 365 Family, which combines the latest versions of your familiar Office applications with additional possiblities such as extra OneDrive storage and being able to make worldwide calls with Skype. Sign in to your personal Microsoft 365 account for access to updated applications, documents and personal settings. This is the ideal solution for families who want to use the Microsoft 365 software on a maximum of five PCs or Macs plus cloud services and want to make use of a one-year subscription. You'll always have the latest and fully installed versions of:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Microsoft Publisher (Windows only)
  • Microsoft Access (Windows only)

Suitable for renewing for your current Office 365 subscription as well, without losing any remaining days!

By purchasing your software at Licentie2GO Belgie you'll have the assurance of valid and legitimate software.;Licentie2GO Belgieworks directly with Microsoft. If there's a newer version from Office available then you'll receive a free upgrade to the newest version of the software.This way you'll always be working with the newest, fastest and safest software!

Your personalized Office experience

Experience Microsoft 365 Family on your PC, Mac, Windows tablet and certain other devices. You'll always have access to the latest and fully installed version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher en Access. You record your ideas in your own way: with a keyboard, with a pen or with a touchscreen.With an active subscription you'll never have to think about upgrading Office again, because you'll always have access to the latest Office applications, functions and services.

Easy sharing

            • Share and edit documents with ease whilst working together.
            • Structure your household with emails, planning and a tasklist from Outlook.
            • Use OneNote to make notes, settings up schedules and to share notes and information.
            • Stay in touch with the free 60 minutes from Skype to make calls to telephones in more than 40 countries each month.
            • Save, edit and share documents online with the extra storage space of 1 TB (1000 Gigabyte) per user on OneDrive.
            • Use Office 365 on Demand to stream full versions of Office software to a pc from anywhere.

            Give form to ideas in beautiful documents.

            • Save time in the home screen with beautiful templates
            • The streamlined interface gives you a clear view of your work
            • Capture your ideas with the keyboard, a pen or a touch screen
            • Drag images, videos and online media to your projects
            • Copy content from PDF files directly to Word
            • Create PowerPoint presentations for a widescreen display.

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              Installation guarantee.

              Are you encountering any issues during the installation or activation of your product? No worries! Our helpdesk will assisst you with solving these issues. With our installation guarantee we promise that you'll get a fully working product on your computer!

              No automatic renewals or small print

              Unlike most offers (including Microsoft) automatic renewal doesn't exist with us, therefore there will never be automatic charges for your renewal. In due time you'll receive an offer from us, you're therefore not attached to anything.</li>

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              Licentie2GO Belgie offers you a very competitive price (Way more competitive than the Microsoft Store) and you're guaranteed to receive an official Microsoft-product.

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              • Successor of "Office 365 Home
              • Subscription: 1 year
              • 6 users, 5 activations per usereach user can install the package on up to 5 devices. Transferring licences to other devices is allowed. Max. Total number of active devices: 30.
              • Language selection: EN, DE, FR, ES, PT, IT, NL
              • Renew without losing daysLicentie2GO Belgie always lets you link your renewal to your old Office 365 package. So you won't lose any days from your old plan.
              • Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.
              • Per user 1000 GB cloud storage (OneDrive) and 60 call minutes on Skype included.
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              Buy Microsoft at Licentie2GO Belgie

              • Microsoft Silver Partner: 100% legitimate
              • Approved licences with support via Microsoft
              • Reinstallation / transfer of licence possible at any time
              • A step-by-step installation manual for your Microsoft software written by us for you
              • No grey imports or foreign licences
              • Extensive support from customer service in several main languages